Irish Car Bomb

Chocolate Guinness cake filled with a Jameson whisky ganache and topped with our Bailey's buttercream


Midori infused pistachio cake filled with a Midori cream and topped with coconut buttercream

Bacon Breakfast

Moist buttermilk  cupcake with candied bacon bits topped with a maple Amaretto buttercream and drizzled with a burbon caramel sauce.

Classic Margarita

Tequila lime cupcake with salted tequila lime buttercream topped with lime zest and a salted lime wedge

Jack & Coke

Chocolate coca cola cake filled with Jack Daniels chocolate ganache, topped with Jack Daniels buttercream and drizzled with chocolate

Chocolate Cabernet

Chocolate Cabernet cupcake topped with a Cabernet buttercream

Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop Martini Cupcake soaked with lemon drop martini and topped with a lemon drop buttercream

Pink Champagne
Pink Moscato cupcake filled with champagne strawberries and topped with pink champagne buttercream

Alcohol infused cupcakes $30 per dozen 

More flavors to come